Feeding Tube Awareness Week®  2014
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Daily Topic Suggestions

The theme for this year is "Nothing Can Hold Us Back.” Parents are often concerned about how tube feeding may limit their child and their activity. However, children and families adjust, and tube feeding doesn’t have to stop kids from being kids. Feeding Tube Awareness Week celebrates how nutritional support helps children to grow, develop, and thrive. The topics can help to guide you in sharing with the media, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and in blogs. Don't forget to keep #feedingtubeawareness trending!

Sunday, February 9 
Video Launch - Share your Feeding Tube Awareness Week video and story.
Why do I/does my child have a feeding tube? What positive benefits have come from tube feeding? 

Monday, February 10 
Share your tips for feeding on the go or in public! Where have you tube fed? Talk about the most unexpected places you've done tube feedings. 

Tuesday, February 11 
Show how tube feeders can do what they love to do. Share what obstacles you or your child have overcome!

Wednesday, February 12 
Share how you and your family cope with the challenges of life with a feeding tube. What has made the journey easier? 

Thursday, February 13 
What are your tube feeding hopes and dreams for you or your child in 2014? What successes do you want to build on? 

Friday, February 14 
Share the tubie love! Share pictures of you or your child living life to the fullest, or pictures showing off your tubie love gear. Today is about living and loving life. 

Saturday, February 15 
Share your favorite Feeding Tube Awareness Week post, photo, or video that you saw during the week. Let’s celebrate the best of the week.

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